Coronavirus – Britain: Health minister presses – and persuades – journalist to get the vaccine on the spot

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Her Minister of Health put a lot of pressure on her Of Britain, Sajid Javid to a Sky News reporter who did not third dose of the vaccine for coronavirus.

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In a video published by Sky News, the Briton Minister of Health, chats with reporter John Craig outside a vaccination center and asks him if he has taken the boost.

“No, I’m 64, I’ve not done it yet,” the journalist replies, explaining that he had been stuck with Covid and had also given the second dose of the vaccine on June 14, “so according to the semester rule” he can do it until December 14.

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“Under the new rules, you can do it nowSajid Javid replies, and suggests that he go to the vaccination center where they are during the week. The reporter asks what time they open – probably to break the embarrassment and Javid answers “Maybe they do it now if you want”.

Craig responds laughing that he must return to work and the minister insists “promise you will. Go now, I will inform the office! “Will you go; Do you want me to come with you? “ Javid continues unmoved and the journalist desperately answers “Should I even get my jacket?”

In the end he convinced her and they seem to enter the vaccination center together.

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