Coronavirus – China: Lockdown in a city of 4 million due to 29 cases

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Lockdown in a city of 4 million people, Lanzhou, was imposed today, Tuesday (26/10) by the authorities of Of China due to an increase in cases coronavirus, about 100 days before the start of Winter Olympics in Beijing.

More specifically, in all the districts of this city, which is the capital of Gansu Province, “closed management” will be imposed, with strict controls on movement, announced the local authorities. Now the inhabitants of the city they will not be allowed to leave their homes except to make “essential purchases” or “for emergency health reasons”, the statement said.

Coronavirus – China: Alarm against “background” of the Winter Olympics

China announced today that it has recorded 29 new, domestic cases of covid-19 across the country. The majority of them were connected with the movements of a group of tourists who had been infected with coronavirus, as reported by APE-MPE. Although these numbers are very small compared to the cases recorded daily in other countries of the world, the Chinese authorities are very careful as the country has been hosting the Winter Olympics since February 4, 2022.

Another epidemic outbreak in Inner Mongolia, northern China, has reported more than 100 cases since last week. The Chinese authorities, applying a “zero tolerance” policy As for covid-19, they reacted immediately by imposing restrictions and organizing mass test campaigns.

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