Coronavirus – Cyprus: Scientists suggest banning Christmas events

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Extensive discussion with the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SEE) on coronavirus had on Monday afternoon her Minister of Health Of Cyprus Michalis Hatzipandelas, on the suggestions sent in the previous days by the experts for the next steps and the measures that must be taken to deal with a new outbreak of the pandemic.

Speaking to media representatives after the meeting, Mr. Hadjipandelas, after thanking the members of the TEU for the suggestions they submitted, said that they have been recorded and will be brought before him. ministrial Council, where the final decisions are expected to be made next Wednesday.

What measures were proposed

These suggestions, according to the RES EIA, are the following:

  • Mask use in primary school students.
  • Conduct a rapid test on primary school students once a week.
  • Prohibition of holding social events planned in view Christmas, including school Christmas holidays, Christmas events planned in Municipalities, etc.
  • Perform self-test on vaccinated individuals. The suggestion that has been made is to be given free of charge to the vaccinated and in case any test is positive, the Personal Physician will be informed and will be referred to a molecular examination to confirm the result.
  • Remove SafePass for those who do not receive the booster dose seven months after the start of the initial vaccination.
  • Three-week time limit for vaccination of persons who have not received any vaccine dose and application and after three weeks application of restrictions in specific areas for non-vaccinated persons.
  • Perform rapid testing throughout the population in areas where case chains are detected, regardless of vaccination history.
  • Teleworking at a rate to be determined.

The next period is “difficult”, the Commission estimates

As Mr. Hadjipandelas pointed out, “nothing has been locked”. The Cabinet will decide on Wednesday after update which will be received by the Minister of Health.

In turn, the head of the TEU Dr. Konstantinos Tsiotis stated that the meeting exchanged views and discussed the suggestions of all members of the TEU.

Wanting to send his own message to the citizens, Mr. Tsioutis explained that “regardless of what will be decided on Wednesday, we must understand that we have a quite a difficult period with an increase in both daily transmissions and hospitalizations. “I think we all know the ways to protect ourselves, we all have experience and knowledge, we all have to make some concessions in our daily lives to be safe.”

He also stressed that in the run-up to the Christmas holidays the risk of being exposed to the virus is increasing and called on everyone to “remember what we need to do to to catch up further deterioration “.

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