Coronavirus – EMA: Evaluation of AstraZeneca antibody cocktail begins

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The European Union drug regulator announced today that it has launched a real-time evaluation of treatment for the disease caused by coronavirus which it develops at the base antibodies the AstraZeneca, about a week after the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical industry submitted Application for an emergency permit from the US authorities (FDA).

The decision to start the evaluation by his committee of human drugs European Medicines Agency (EMA) was based on early results from clinical studies, the regulator said in a statement, without specifying when the conclusions are expected.

The drug has been shown to work in people who not have been infected and have been shown to save lives and prevent serious illness when treated within a week of the onset of the first symptoms.

“Coreper will evaluate more data on the quality, safety and efficacy of the drug as soon as it becomes available,” the regulator said, adding that the rolling evaluation will continue until AstraZeneca submits formal application for approval.

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