Coronavirus: Europe refuses to vaccinate – What measures are they trying to persuade citizens

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Hospitals, care facilities and health centers suspended them contracts of around 3,000 employees throughout France because they did not comply with the mandatory vaccination against it coronavirus, the government said today (16/9), as countries across Europe are considering how far they can go in order to fight the pandemic.

While Italy formalizes the mandatory adoption of the “green pass” coronavirus for public and private sector employees, Starting on October 15, the Netherlands is planning a similar step – but only for entry to bars or clubs, broadcasts APE-MPE.

Britain, meanwhile, says it is likely to require first-line health care providers and social care workers in the UK to be vaccinated as part of a plan to curb the virus during the winter.

In France, President Emanuel Macron’s decision in mid-July to require a similar health certificate to enter restaurants, gyms and museums, among others, and to make vaccination mandatory for health workers, has massively increased vaccinations.

With the obligation for employees in hospitals and care homes to take effect from yesterday, September 15, its very tangible effect – the ban on unvaccinated employees to work – began to be felt.

Coronavirus: Nearly 450 health workers suspended in just one hospital

According to the local newspaper Nice Matin, Nearly 450 health workers – out of a total of 7,500 – were suspended from contracting just one hospital in Nice, in the south of France.

The government, however, downplayed the impact of the measure.

“There has been no chaos because of this,” Health Minister Olivier Veran told RTL radio, adding that 27 million people work in the health sector.

There have been a few cases where care has been affected, such as the use of a paused MRI scanner, but most suspended workers work in support positions, limiting the impact of the mandatory measure.

“Most of the suspensions are only temporary – many have decided to get vaccinated as they see compulsory vaccination as a reality,” Veran said.

But unions warn of possible care disruptions, and even a few absentees in a team are enough to trigger a crisis, Emmanuel Cignon, director of a care home in Bordeaux, told Reuters this week, saying it was difficult to get hired. field staff.

“If we can not replace the caregivers who are leaving, the work will fall on others and I am afraid of an un virtuous cycle, with fatigue, exhaustion and an increase in absences,” he said.

In Italy, where vaccination for health workers became mandatory in late March, some contracts have been suspended, but the numbers are by no means similar to those in France.

As of September 16, a total of about 728 doctors in Italy had had their contracts suspended because they had not been vaccinated, according to the Italian Federation of Physicians.

Italy is now preparing to go much further and announce today that the “Green Pass” – which indicates if anyone has received at least one dose of vaccine, tested negative or recently recovered from the virus – will be required to all public and private sector employees. If someone does not have this green certificate he will be suspended from employment and will lose his salary.

In favor of compulsory vaccination in the Netherlands

In other countries, such as the Netherlands, Opinion polls suggest majority vaccines favor vaccination for health workers, with the majority of workers themselves opposing it and the government has said it will not take such action.

However, a pass proving the vaccination or a recent negative coronavirus test is required there from September 25 in order for the holder to go to bars, restaurants, clubs or cultural events.

Although opinion polls suggest that a majority of Dutch people support the measure, about 30% of the population who so far refuse to be vaccinated strongly oppose the pass. Critics say the purpose of the certificate is to force people to get the vaccine.

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