Coronavirus – France: Pandemic vaccine to be given and 4th dose open

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For the course of the coronavirus in France and the fifth wave hitting the country were spoken on Wednesday (8/12) by government spokesman Gabriel Atal and top adviser to the cabinet on coronavirus Jean-François Delfresi.

«The fifth wave of COVID-19 hitting France has not yet reached its peakSaid government spokesman Gabriel Atal, adding that Jean-François Delfresi, a cabinet adviser to the coronavirus, had hinted that a fourth dose of vaccine is possible to treat the pandemic.

«The climax is clearly not behind us, the pandemic continues to gain groundAtal told reporters after a weekly cabinet meeting, adding that “the rate of increase in daily news cases seems to be slowing somewhat.”

“But it is spreading fast again and will continue to do so in the coming weeks,” he said, while France announced new restrictions to stop the spread of the virus.

The seven-day average of newly confirmed cases was formed, as broadcast by the Athenian News Agency, yesterday at a new high for 2021, exceeding 44,500.

Earlier, Jean-François Delfresi, France’s top adviser to the French government on COVID-19, said France would “suffer again” as the new wave was expected to have an impact on “an already tired healthcare system”.

«At the moment, there is a request for another boost. Will that be enough? I do not know. We may need a fourth doseSaid Delphresy.

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