Coronavirus: Germans to abolish quarantine license for unvaccinated

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The abolition of the paid sick leave for anyone who is compulsorily placed in preventive quarantine and has not been vaccinated against Covid-19, are expected to be decided today by the L .nder.

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According to BILD, which has at its disposal the draft decision already approved by the state governments, as of October 11, whether an unvaccinated person should be quarantined – either because he is returning from abroad or because he has been in contact with confirmed case – will not continue to be paid normally as long as it remains in isolation.

Coronavirus: What is the rationale for the decision?

The rationale for the decision has to do with the adequacy of vaccines and the possibility for everyone to be vaccinated against Covid-19, the document said. Exceptions will only be made for persons who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons and for persons who are not included in the general vaccination directive. For the vaccinated, it is emphasized in the same draft decision, there is no quarantine obligation. From October 11, the free coronavirus test, which until now all citizens were entitled to once a week, will also be abolished.

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According to Handelsblatt, the discussion will also include the possibility of introducing a mandatory test for unvaccinated workers in specific sectors.

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