Coronavirus – Germany: SOS outbreak – Highest death toll in 9 months announced

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Panic prevails in Germany due to the outbreak of the deadly pandemic. The death toll is rising dramatically. The country on Wednesday (1/12) announced the highest death toll from the coronavirus since mid-February.

Hospitals have warned that by Christmas the country could have 6,000 patients in the intensive care unit, more than last winter.

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The Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s state agency for infectious diseases, announced today 67,186 new cases, 302 more than a week ago, and 446 deaths – the highest number of deaths in 24 hours since February 18– increasing the total death toll to 101,790.

However, the incidence of seven days per 100,000 decreased, according to the Athenian News Agency, for a second day to 442.9 people, from 452.2 people yesterday, Tuesday.

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Intensify vaccination campaign to tackle fourth wave of pandemic

The federal and regional governments of Germany agreed yesterday, Tuesday, to take action to deal with the fourth wave of Covid-19, including the intensification of the vaccination campaign and limiting contact, especially the unvaccinated.

Leaders, already criticized for acting too late, agreed to make decisions tomorrow, Thursday, on proposals such as forcing customers to show proof of vaccination or recovery in stores and limiting the number of people at large events.

Gernot Marx, president of the DIVI Association of Intensive Care Physicians, warned that the country could have 6,000 people in intensive care by Christmas, regardless of what measures will now be decided by politicians.

This compares with the previous high number of 5,745 patients with coronavirus in the intensive care unit on January 3. Germany also now has fewer beds available due to shortages of nursing staff.

The noose is tightening for the unvaccinated in Berlin

Call on the government to consider a temporary lockdown

“The situation is becoming more and more difficult”, Marx told the ZDF television network and called on the government to consider a temporary lockdown. “We need to save the clinics from collapse,” he added.

Four people in southern Germany tested positive for the Covid-19 Omicron mutation, although they were fully vaccinated against coronavirus, announced the Baden-Württemberg public health office.

Three of the infected people had returned from a business trip to South Africa on November 26 and November 27, respectively, and the fourth person is a member of the family of one of the three. All four show mild symptoms.

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