Coronavirus – Germany: ‘Yes’ to mRNA vaccines for breastfeeding and pregnant women

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General instruction for vaccination of pregnant women and breastfeeding women with an anti-mRNA formulation coronavirus issued earlier on Friday (10/9) by the German Standing Committee on Vaccination (Stiko).

According to the Robert Koch Institute, and as transmitted by APE BPE, pregnant women are recommended to be given two mRNA vaccine doses in second trimester of pregnancy.

Stiko even invited all women of childbearing age today to hurry to be vaccinated, “in order to already have before very good protection against pregnancy “.

The Minister of Health expressed his satisfaction for the development Jens Span, as, as he said, the general directive puts a scientific end to any open issues that existed for the vaccination of the specific groups.

Mr Span also appealed and to nursing mothers to be vaccinated: “Ask your doctor. Get vaccinated. “Protect yourself and your child.”

It is noted that until now Stiko had not issued a general instruction for vaccination during pregnancy, considering that it did not have sufficient data. However, as she points out today in her announcement, they are now available sufficient data both on the risk of Covid-19 and on the safety and efficacy of vaccines for pregnant and lactating women.

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