Coronavirus: In the eye of the storm the vaccination campaign after the developments with Johnson & Johnson


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The latest developments regarding the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, with the announcement of a rare occurrence of severe blood clots, have created intense concern. In fact, this fact comes after the AstraZeneca preparation is disputed, for the same symptoms.

European countries are in danger of having further ρ braking in their vaccination campaign, as the American pharmaceutical industry announced the “Delayed release” of its single-dose vaccine against Covid-19 in Europe.

More than 6.8 million doses Johnson & Johnson vaccine have already been administered on US soil and this type of serious side effect is currently “extremely rare”, authorities said.

The United States has also confirmed that the suspension of vaccinations with J&J “will not have a significant impact” on the US vaccination campaign. as these doses represent less than 5% of those administered in the United States to date.

“Vaccine stocks have risen considerably,” Peter Marks, a US Food and Drug Administration official, told a news conference. The FDA, which is investigating six cases in the United States of people who developed severe cases of blood clots after the vaccine was given, today recommended that it be stopped.

“A fatal incident has been reported and a patient is in critical condition”, Marx also noted.

Great skepticism about vaccines

Following the recommendations of the health authorities, several US states, including New York, Connecticut, Nebraska and Ohio, immediately ordered the suspension of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

In Washington, many people who were going to be vaccinated with the J&J drug started receiving cancellation messages in the morning.

The EU has signed an order for 200,000,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, plus the option for an additional 200 million. The group pledged on Thursday to deliver 200 million installments by the end of the year.

The occurrence of these complications is reminiscent of the complications associated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, which is being investigated by the European Medicines Agency, causing great skepticism about this vaccine in the population and the suspension of its use in many countries, mainly in Denmark.

The two vaccines, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, use the same technology, using an adenovirus as the carrier of the genetic instructions.

In the case of AstraZeneca, there were 222 cases of these atypical thrombi on April 4, out of a total of 34 million vaccinations performed in the European Economic Area (EU, Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) and the United Kingdom, according to the EMA. This resulted in 18 deaths (as of March 22).

Over 800 million doses in at least 200 countries

Vaccination continues, however, on the planet, where millions of Muslims began a “not like any other” Ramadan today for the second year in a row.

More than 800 million doses of vaccine against Covid have been granted in at least 200 countries and territories, according to a count of the French Agency and as reported by APE-MPE, based on official sources today at 13:00 Greek time.

Large disparities continue to exist between “high-income” countries, as defined by the World Bank, which account for almost half of the world’s installments, and “low-income” countries, where only 0.1% of doses.

Twenty countries, mainly in Africa and Oceania, have not yet launched their campaign. 4% of humanity lives in these countries.

Israel (almost 60% of the population received at least one dose), Britain (47.4%), the United Arab Emirates (over 45%), Chile (38.6%) and the United States (36, 5%) are the countries with the most advanced campaign (except for countries with less than one million inhabitants).

India today approved a third vaccine, Russian Sputnik V.

Britain, where pub and hairdressing salons reopened yesterday, Monday, in England, achieved its goal of delivering at least one first dose of vaccine to people over the age of 50 and the most vulnerable or more exposed to the virus.

Concerns over the Brazilian variant of the Covid-19, France today suspended “until recently” all flights between Brazil and France, as announced by the French Prime Minister, Jean Castex.

The World Health Organization and other organizations have called for a halt to the sale of live wild mammals in food markets, citing the serious risks of transmitting new infectious diseases to humans.

Globally, the death toll from the pandemic is close to three million (2,948,577), of which more than one million in Europe, according to a French agency count based on reports from health authorities.

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