Coronavirus – Italy: 4.5 million people were vaccinated within a week

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In the last twenty-four hours the cases in Italy it was 83.403, while, at the same time, 287 people lost their lives to Covid-19.

Overall, they took place 541.298 diagnostic tests, the 15,4% from which a positive result emerged.

At the same time, they are in hospitals today 19.228 virus positive patients. 1.717 patients are in intensive care units.

It is worth mentioning that the regions with the most cases, on Monday, were those with the capital on Bologna, the Milan and Turin, as transmitted by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

An optimistic record was also set in the neighboring country. In particular, according to the Gimbe Scientific Foundation, last week they came to the vaccination centers, 4.5 million citizens to be vaccinated against coronavirus. This number is unprecedented in Italy.

“Give weight to the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated”

At the same time, most Italian governors are urging the Draghi government to overcome the country’s separation system in different colors, depending on the number of cases. “From now on, what is needed is to give weight to the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated“as well as the main difference between asymptomatic and those who show symptoms of the virus”, stressed the Giovanni Totti, governor of Liguria, with Genoa as its capital.

Italian doctors, finally, emphasize that there is another problem associated with the pandemic. Substantial, practical difficulties have arisen in the treatment of asymptomatic patients with covid 19, who also suffer from other diseases and are in hospitals.

They are about one third of covid 19 positive patients admitted to the country’s hospitals.

Especially as far as they are concerned oncology patients, the approval of new rules and protocols is requested, so that the treatments and the interventions can continue, observing all the safety conditions.

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