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Coronavirus – Italy: Adopts “green card” for all employees

Today her government Italy is expected to formalize the mandatory adoption of the “green pass” coronavirus for public and private sector employees, starting on 15 October.

According to APE BPE, yesterday the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi met with the Italian unions, while this morning he had talks with the representatives of the party alliance that supports him and at this time the meeting with the Italian governors is in progress.

At the same time, the Italian government asked the Italians Members and senators to adopt the mandatory “green pass”, but the decision will have to be taken, autonomously, by the Italian parliament.

It is recalled that the “pass” in Italy is valid for one year and can be obtained for fifteen days post the administration of the first dose of coronavirus vaccine.

According to the Italian press, “the aim of the government is to convince the three million workers who have not yet been vaccinated “and to a large extent they are undecided- to rush to acquire this important, this shield of protection”.

Italy, in this way, is the first one a European country that requires all workers a “green pass” to be able to enter the workplace.

Whoever remains in the regime teleworking, will not have to have a green card to work, but will need to enter almost all indoorssuch as shops, cafes, gyms, cinemas, theaters and exhibitions.

At the same time, citizens who do not have a green card will be able to continue to enter workplaces and any other closed space, carrying out, every 48 hours, new test to detect the virus.

It is noted that the cost of the tests is reduced to 15 euros for adults and 8 euros for the children. It will be free, only for citizens who, for proven health reasons, not can be vaccinated.

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