Coronavirus – Italy: Cases are increasing in tourist resorts

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Significant increase in coronavirus cases in its tourist resorts Italy, because of Delta mutation, records the press of the neighboring country.

According to the response of APE BPE, on its small island Pantelleria, in the south of Sicily, in the last two days 26 new cases have emerged. These are unvaccinated young people who have chosen this well-known resort for their vacation. According to the information so far, the “chain of infections” started from a party in a villa.

In town Jelly, (the ancient Gelotas of Sicily) was imposed a “red belt”, due to 46 cases within twenty-four hours.

In the coastal area Riccione, in the Adriatic, the latest data show that the Delta variant is transmitted at high speed. Fifteen young people who returned to Turin after their vacation tested positive for the virus and there are fears that similar cases will occur in other parts of Italy. Remember that this is a location that is chosen, every year, by many Russian and German tourists for their summer vacation.

New cases are also recorded at the seaside resort Wafer, twenty kilometers outside Rome, where twenty-one young people became infected, with a hearth set up in a busy local coffee bar.

The incidents are increasing on its famous island Sardinia. Based on the criteria in force so far, the area could soon be turned into a “yellow area”, with restrictions.

However, as all Italian media point out, in order to avoid the imposition of extensive bans, the Draghi government is preparing to change the main evaluation criteria: it is expected to stop giving priority to the number of daily coronavirus cases and to adopt, as a main point reference, the patient admissions with covid-19, in the ICU and in all the hospital units of the country.

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