Coronavirus – Italy: Increased pressure in wards and intensive care units

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The new cases coronavirus in Italy, in the last 24 hours, is 16.806 while the new losses reached 72. They were made 679.462 diagnostic tests, of which the 2,4% turned out positive.

Authorities also announced that they are in the country’s intensive care units 698 patients with covid-19, while being treated in hospital wards 5.298.

According to the APE EIA, from November 25 to 30, the cases of the virus in the country showed an increase 25%. According to a report by the Gimbe Scientific Institute in hospitals, during the same period, the pressure increased by 13,7% and against 22% in all ICUs of the country. The deaths increased 14%.

In the meantime, the 84,6% of the population over 18 years has received double dose coronavirus vaccine, while a single dose has made 87.5%.

In terms of third dose, has been vaccinated 35% of the age categories for which the online platform is open.

It is pointed out that so far only 51% of citizens over 80 years has made the commemorative dose. This percentage is limited to 21%, in the age group 70 to 79 years.

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