Coronavirus – Italy: Premiere for the implementation of the “super green pass”

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Today they were recorded 9,503 coronavirus cases while 92 people lost their lives in Italy. A total of 301,560 diagnostic tests were performed 3,2% from which a positive result emerged.

At the same time, they are in the intensive care units of the country 743 patients with covid-19, while being treated in hospital wards 5.879, broadcasts by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

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From today, in the meantime, the measure of “super green fold», As it is characterized. This certificate – which is obtained only if vaccinated or ill – allows access to sports events, concerts, theaters, indoor restaurants, etc.

Therefore, those who are not vaccinated face more restrictions than today, compared to the previous “package” of measures.

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In addition, for unvaccinated citizens the negative test will be required, until January 15, both to enter their workplace and in urban and long-distance transport.

The measure concerns all residents of the country of age over 12 years. Consequently, it also concerns high school and high school students, for the use of the metro and buses.

Continuous checks

The first fine imposed today in Rome, amounting to 400 euros, was given to a 50-year-old man who had boarded a bus, in Flaminio Square in the Italian capital, without super green fold or test. He tried to justify himself by saying that “in a few days he will be vaccinated”. Its auditors imposed the minimum prescribed fine, always in accordance with the RES EIA.

The green card or the test is also necessary for those citizens who want to get it car boot to go from Sicily to Calabria, and vice versa.

In all major Italian cities, from Naples to Milan, police officers, carabinieri, as well as army men and women, carry out continuous checks.

The Draghi government stressed that there will be no tolerance for anyone who violates the specific measure and that fines from 400 to 1,000 euros will be imposed.

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