Coronavirus lions and tigers at Washington Zoo – Cough and lethargy

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Six lions and three tigers of the Washington Zoo were positively diagnosed in the young coronavirus and are receiving treatment for their symptoms, zoo officials announced on Friday.

“Last weekend, the guards noticed that six African lions, a Sumatran tiger and two Siberian tigers” showed loss of appetite, cough, sneezing and lethargy».

Wild animals were positively diagnosed with Covid-19 in preliminary tests the zoo points out in a press release cited by AFP.

The test results will confirm the diagnosis is expected in the coming days, clarified the officials.

Infected animals are treated with anti-inflammatory, antiemetic drugs and antibiotics for the risk of pneumonia.

Zoo officials stressed that the public not is endangered, given the distance that separates the place where the animals are from the visitors.

Wildlife infections became known at a time when many zoos in the United States, including the Washington Zoo, announced today the start of a vaccination campaign in animal species at risk of Covid-19 infection in these areas.

In addition to felines, other animals have been infected with the virus in the country, such as gorillas -at the Atlanta Zoo in Georgia- who tested positive last week. Among the other incidents reported during the year, is Infection of eight lions at a zoo in India, according to local media reports.

The animals of the American capital zoo will be vaccinated in the coming months with a vaccine developed by the company Zoetis, reports ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

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