Coronavirus: Malaysia bought 150,000 doses

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The hands gave the Malaysia with the American pharmaceutical industry Merck & Co for the purchase of 150,000 doses of the company’s experimental antiviral drug against him coronavirus, announced today, Thursday (7/10) the country’s Ministry of Health, at a time when other Asian countries are rushing to secure supplies.

In particular, molnupiravir, which will be the first oral COVID-19 antiviral drug, if obtained with the approval of the competent regulatory authorities, can reduce the chance of death or hospitalization by half for those at highest risk of developing COVID-19 seriously ill, according to published clinical trial data.

Coronavirus pill: Which countries are interested

These figures have sparked high demand for the drug in Asia, with South Korea, Singapore and Australia to announce similar deals this week for the Merck pill. Taiwan and Thailand are also in talks to buy it.

Malaysian Health Minister Hairy Jamaluddin said the government had signed a letter of commitment today to buy the pill, according to the APE-MPE.

“This decision was made as we prepare for the transition to an endemic phase, during which we will be able to coexist with the virus by adding new innovative therapies as ‘weapons’ to fight COVID-19, in addition to vaccinations and other measures to public health “, he noted.

Malaysia has recorded nearly 2.3 million cases of the new coronavirus, the third-highest number in Southeast Asia, but has gradually lifted travel restrictions in recent weeks as the number of new cases dropped as part of an intensified vaccination program.

About 64% of Malaysia’s 32 million people have now been fully vaccinated, and 88% of them are adults.

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