Coronavirus: New measures expected to be announced by Swedish authorities as early as next week

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The Swedish Public Health Service announced today that it may impose new restrictions as early as next week in order to deal with the spread of the covid-19 epidemic and the rise in cases.

Swedish authorities earlier this month adopted a health pass for those wishing to take part in indoor events attended by more than 100 people and warned that further measures could be needed to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

“We may need to take action as early as next week,” said Karin Tegmark Wiesel, director general of the Swedish Public Health Service, during a news conference.

She added that the new measures may include general recommendations, such as distance keeping, but did not elaborate.

“We are facing an uncertain winter,” said Swedish Health Minister Lena Hallengren, who said the Swedish government and the Public Health Service would announce a joint plan next week.

Tegmark Wisley said her office was closely monitoring developments involving the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.

There are currently many questions about this strain, which was first identified in South Africa in November and has since spread to many countries.

The first confirmed case of Omicron in Sweden was detected on Monday and since then at least two more have been found in the country.



Source From: Capital

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