Coronavirus – New Zealand: “Zero Case Policy” Finally – The New Strategy

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It ends lockdown in early December in its largest city New Zealand, Auckland, after three and a half months, with the Prime Minister of the country, Jacinda Ardern to adopt a new strategy to deal with its epidemic coronavirus.

More specifically, Ardern stated that from 23:59 on December 2, New Zealand will adopt a new pandemic response strategy, which will be aimed more at limiting the spread of the variant strain. Delta, despite its elimination. “The hard truth is that Delta is here and it is not ready to disappear”, the New Zealand Prime Minister stressed to journalists. “Although no country has been able to eliminate the Delta executive completely, New Zealand is in a better position than most to deal with it,” he added.

So far the Ardennes government has been targeting complete elimination of the coronavirus, the so-called “zero case” policy, with strict restrictive measures, intensive tracking of case contacts and strict controls at the country’s borders. In the country of 5 million inhabitants have been recorded just 40 dead from covid-19 and there has been increasing pressure on the government to lift the lockdown it has imposed on Auckland, following the location of the first Delta case in the city in August.

Coronavirus – New Zealand: How the country will deal with the pandemic from now on

Ardern originally planned to change its pandemic management policy once the vaccination rate in New Zealand reaches 90%, but eventually announced that it would accelerate the opening at a time when the vaccination rate is currently around 83%, according to the ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ.

The new system, which will follow the colors of the traffic light, will divide the areas into green, where there will be no restrictions, into orange, where the use of a mask will be required in some areas and red, where the shops will be able to enter only vaccinated and keeping their distance. Auckland will initially be designated a red zone, the New Zealand prime minister explained, adding that authorities have not classified the rest of the country.

Strict quarantine rules will remain in place for those entering New Zealand from abroad, but Ardern has pledged to relax them from the new year.

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