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Coronavirus News: Lockdown Christmas in Germany

Germany will have to spend a ‘lockdown Christmas’ this year, owing to the rapid surge in Coronavirus cases in the country.

Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel announced the lockdown will be in effect from 16th December till the 10th of January. Strict measures will be imposed to curb the fresh new wave of virus cases that have hit the country hard.

Coronavirus Cases in Germany

The Western European country has had more than 1.3 million Coronavirus cases up till date. These cases have resulted in a death count of 22,000 plus.

A large number of Germans had previously believed in conspiracy theories about the virus. There had been protests against the government measures taken to curb the spread of the virus. However, with the advent of a fresh new wave, there has been a sharp decline in the number of people labelling the virus a ‘hoax by the elite’.

Lockdown Christmas

The new lock down will limit social interactions among people. Schools and shops selling non-essential goods and services will be closed from Wednesday. Only 5 people from two different house holds will be allowed to gather for Christmas festivities. People who plan to meet on Christmas are advised to isolate themselves at least a week before they attend gatherings.

The government is urging companies to make their employees work from home in the pandemic. A ban on the sale of fire works has also been placed. Restrictions on drinking alcohol in public places and communal singing events will also be observed.

Talking about the new restrictions, the German President Frank Walter Steinmeier stated that the facts were worrisome and encouraged people to experience Christmas while social distancing this year.

According to government officials, the new restrictions must succeed and the German economy will not face recession under these new impositions. The Finance Minister of the country has vowed to support all businesses effected by the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown.



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