Coronavirus: One in four Italians vaccinated – 40 million doses given

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Twenty-nine million Italians are expected to be found next Monday, June 14 in the “white zone”, ie in areas without strict prohibitions and restrictions.

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Five new regions will be transformed into a “white zone” in three days: these are the wider areas of Rome, Milan, Bologna, Bari and the autonomous prefecture of Trento, in northeastern Italy, as broadcast by AMPE.

In terms of cases coronavirus of the last week, the transmission of the virus is considered low throughout the country except Sardinia, where it is moderate.

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The data concerning the admissions to the hospitals are also considered positive: in the intensive care units of the country, the beds with its patients covid 19 at this stage it is 8% of the total.

Finally, regarding the process of vaccination of the inhabitants, it is considered possible that there will be a “strong recommendation” from the committee of scientists, which advises the Italian government, in favor of the use of the Astrazeneca preparation in people 60 years and older.

Coronavirus: 27.5% of the population over 12 years of age is vaccinated

Italy has provided 40.5 million doses vaccines and 25.17% of the population over the age of 12 are now vaccinated, according to an official report released today.

The publication of these numbers takes place in the context of a continuous decline of the pandemic: yesterday, Thursday, Italy recorded 2,079 new cases. According to a study by the Gimbe Foundation, which specializes in public health, Covid’s hospitalizations have also fallen by 84% since the beginning of April.

Thanks to this improvement in the situation, the government is gradually lifting the restrictions it had imposed on Covid. The entry into force of the curfew is postponed from Monday to midnight, from 23:00, and will be completely abolished on June 21.

Bars and restaurants can also welcome customers indoors from 1 June.

THE Italy, the first European country to be hit hard by the pandemic, recorded a record mortality in 2020: 100,000 deaths more than the average of the previous five years, which corresponds to a 9% increase in mortality, according to a report by the Italian National Institute Statistics (Istat) given yesterday, Thursday, to the public.

Within 15 months, Covid also reduced the life expectancy of men by 1.4 years and that of women by 1 year, peaking at 2.3 years for men in Lombardy, the northern part of the country including Milan, and particularly affected by the coronavirus.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Italy has officially recorded 4.23 million cases of the new coronavirus and 126,523 deaths from Covid-19.

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