Coronavirus: Pandemic on the rise in Europe – Over 1.6 million cases in 7 days

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Big raise recorded from the beginning of October in number of cases and deaths from coronavirus in Europe. According to an official count of the French Agency based on official data until yesterday, during the last 7 days, about 1,672,000 cases, ie an average of 239,000 per day, have been recorded in the region, which includes 52 countries and territories.

The number of cases is 18% higher than a week earlier, and almost 60% higher than in August and September, when the number of new cases remained stable at around 150,000 cases each day.

42 countries in the region have seen infections increase in the last seven days, while only seven have seen a decrease.

Today’s numbers remain lower than the high levels recorded in the region, with an average of 284,000 cases per day between 2 and 8 November 2020. But Europe currently accounts for over 55% of new infections worldwide.

These are the countries with the highest increases in coronavirus cases

Apart from the very small states, the countries most affected from this epidemic outbreak is the Czech republic, with an average of about 3,100 cases per day over the last seven days, or 124% more than the previous week. The following follows Hungary, with 2,000 cases per day, an increase of 104% and the Poland (close to 5,000 cases, + 95%).

Compared to their population, the countries that currently record the most infections in Europe are, according to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, the Latvia with 880 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days, the Estonia (753) and Georgia (736).

The number of of the dead also increases in the region: 3,120 deaths were recorded every day on average last week, an increase of 16% compared to a week earlier.

An average of more than 3,000 deaths a day has been recorded since the beginning of May, but those numbers remain far from the record of 5,735 daily deaths in Europe for the week of January 14-20.

More than a third of the deaths recorded in Europe are currently in Russia (1,051 deaths on average every day), followed by Ukraine (485) and Romania (420).

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