Coronavirus: Restrictions increase in Germany

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The pandemic continues to spread rapidly with an increase in cases. First states impose a partial lockdown. Compulsory vaccination for all is rejected.

With 63,924 new Covid-19 cases in twenty-four hours, Germany set a new negative record. In some parts of the states of Bavaria and Saxony the situation is out of control. The positivity index, ie the number of cases within seven days per 100,000 inhabitants, exceeded 1,000, even 1,500. The positive for the whole of Germany is 362.2.

In order to limit the spread of the pandemic in the first phase, the German states have begun to take increasingly stringent measures. Saxony has imposed, among other things, a partial lockdown on the unvaccinated, restrictions on contact for all, closure of cultural venues and leisure facilities, and has banned major events. Bavaria has even canceled the traditional Christmas markets that are an institution in Germany.

Some lockdowns will increase

As the measures taken will start to show results after about two weeks, experts expect for the immediate future the deterioration of the health condition. The consequence of this development will be the imposition of more and more restrictions. Social Democrat’s health expert and epidemiology professor Karl Lauterbach takes it for granted that other German states will follow the example of Bavaria and Saxony and impose a partial lockdown.

However, unlike Austria, compulsory vaccination for the entire population will not be imposed in Germany. Although it is being discussed, the parties are currently rejecting this measure, mainly because it is considered to be in conflict with the German constitution. However, a law may be passed that will make it mandatory for staff to be vaccinated in the Intensive Care Units of hospitals, nursing homes and nursing homes.

Panagiotis Kouparanis, Berlin

Source: Deutsche Welle


Source From: Capital

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