Coronavirus – Russia: Terrorists spread pandemic on public transport

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Terrorists in some countries are trying to use its agents coronavirusto spread the virus to the local population, said the Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russian Yuri Kokov.

“Such actions, for example, have been revealed by Indian secret servicesThe official said in an interview with the Russian government newspaper “Rosiskaya Gazeta”.

He also referred to similar incidents, which have been recorded in Tunisia, when extremists entered camps with the aim of infecting military personnel.

According to Mr. Kokov, the deliberate spread of the coronavirus with the use public transport It is now rarer, as security measures in public places and the restrictions imposed to deal with the pandemic in places of large gatherings and other social events contribute to this.

However, according to the Russian official, terrorist organizations have been active in Internet and through social networks attempt to “discredit the actions of the competent local authorities to deal with the pandemic, creating in the population moods of confusion and uncertainty”, as transmitted by ΑΠΕ ΜΠΕ.

In fact, according to the deputy secretary of the Russian Security Council, opinion polls in the United States “showed that during the imposition of a regime of self-isolation, The popularity of extremist content on the Internet and especially among young people is increasing».

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