Coronavirus: Sir Tom Moore, centenary hero of the fight against Covid-19, has died

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That damn virus against which he had pledged strenuously, eventually took it away. Sir Thomas Moore, better known as Captain Tom, died at one hundred years in the hospital of Bedford, in England, where he had been hospitalized for a few days because of the Covid-19. The news pains the UK – and not only – that in these hours he was cheering for him, trusting in a improvement of his health conditions.

But he didn’t make it. Just him, veteran of the Second World War, than in this one pandemic was a symbol of struggle and resistance: last spring, in fact, in the middle ofemergency, launched a singular challenge on the internet where he promised to travel one hundred turns around your home thanks to the help of wandering to encourage fellow countrymen to do donations in favor of health service British.

It is rumored that he had left to reach altitude a thousand pounds, but Tom’s business has become viral and the bidding counter has hit 33 million (over 34 million euros). So much so that the Queen Elizabeth, on the proposal of the premier Boris Johnson, last summer – despite the ceremonies for theawarding of honors were suspended – he organized a special and personal event to name it Knight.

“Thank you very much, he collected an incredible sumWere the words of the sovereign, which has rested the sword of George VI on the veteran shoulder. «Forgive me if I stand up, His Majesty, ”he replied. «Unfortunately if I kneel I run the risk of don’t get up“. An exchange that he had torn a smile to Lilibet and the British, who have been in recent months so fond of to the history of Captain Tom.

Vero hero of the pandemic.

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