Coronavirus: The first country where the virus becomes endemic

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Light at the end of the pandemic tunnel begins to appear. The optimistic news, as reported by, comes from abroad and in fact from Great Britain, a country that has suffered greatly from its pandemic coronavirus for many different reasons.

Experts in the UK after huge reduction of cases in the country appreciate that it can be done the first country in Europe where the virus will become endemic.

The UK authorities have announced 120,821 new cases, a number that seems very large, but is very small compared to 218,000 just a week earlier.

The drop reaches 50% (to be precise it is 45%) and now occurs for the sixth consecutive day, which leads epidemiologists to conclude that we are probably heading towards the end of the pandemic, possibly in a much shorter period of time than originally estimated when the Omicron mutation began to “sweep” the planet.

Mathematical models

This air of optimism is also supported by mathematical models showing that the behavior of the number of cases in Great Britain follows the same path as in South Africa, the country in which Omicron was first detected last November. According to the data and data that have seen the light of day, the coronavirus has now been almost eliminated.

“Currently, the countries of the northern hemisphere are facing various stages of the pandemic. And The UK is probably the closest country to a pandemic if it is not already outside.“and the virus is an endemic disease, like the other four coronaviruses,” said David Hayman, an epidemiologist at the School of Hygiene in London. ” that of deaths.

Disconnection of infections and deaths

This last item shows, according to experts, the famous “Herd immunity” which in the UK is estimated at 95% and the main reason for achieving it is of course the very high rate of vaccinations.

However, these auspicious forecasts should not lead to complacency and there are many who stress that a new boom is very likely in the near future, linking the opening of schools in the UK with a new upward trend which, however, in the current circumstances is expected to be transient.

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