Coronavirus: The King and Queen of Sweden are positive

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THE King Charles Gustav XVI and the Queen Sylvia of Sweden diagnosed with coronavirus, the Palaces announced earlier on Tuesday.

“The king and queen, who are fully vaccinated with the third dose, have mild symptoms and are feeling well given the conditions,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the country set a new daily Covid-19 case record, recording 11.507 cases on December 30, according to the data of the Health Service announced today, as the fourth wave of the virus sweeps the country and puts new pressure on the health system, transmits the RES EIA.

The previous record of 11.376 cases had occurred in late December 2020.

The new wave of Covid-19 cases, in part due to the more contagious Omicron variant, hit Sweden later than its Scandinavian neighbors but in recent weeks has resulted in a sharp rise in cases and hospitalizations.

The country’s Health Service expects that Omicron, which is more easily transmitted than other variants, will cause a new peak of daily cases around mid-January.


The country has stepped up measures for public gatherings last month and urged everyone who can, to work from home, in an effort to limit the spread of the virus.

Bars and restaurants will be served only seated customers and the public should also sits at larger events.

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