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Coronavirus: Trump meetings may have killed 700 people


AT on the eve of “Election Day” at IT IS United States, here’s a cumbersome statistic for Donald Trump. While his opponent Joe Biden regularly criticizes him for downplaying the coronavirus crisis, a study conducted by scientists at Stanford University estimates that the meetings held by the American president, during his campaign, caused a good number of contaminations and death, report the New York Times.

By comparing the health data of the 18 counties where the head ofIT IStat visited between June and September for meetings, and 200 other counties with the same demographic properties and where the health evolution was similar, the researchers in fact judged that these electoral rallies could be at the origin of 30,000 infections and 700 deaths from Covid-19.

To arrive at this colossal figure, Professor B. Douglas Bernheim and his colleagues did not base themselves on individual cases directly linked to meetings of Donald Trump. From scientific models, they determined that these massive meetings caused an increase in confirmed cases to more than 250 per 100,000 population and then extrapolated those numbers.

Public health and the White House denounce a “bogus” study

Published on academic sites and on Twitter, but not yet in a scientific journal, this study obviously caused a reaction by the method used. Public health officials from IT ISstates and counties where Donald Trump went for his rallies swept his result, believing that it was impossible to link infections or particular clusters to meetings, for several reasons: the number of Covid-19 cases is increasing overall, participants often come from other regions and the search for contact cases is not always complete.

Upon learning of the existence of these statistics, the White House immediately denounced to the New York Times the fact that, according to her, the study is based “on flawed assumptions and intended to shame Trump supporters.” Joe Biden simply blurted out on his Twitter account: ‚ÄúPresident Trump doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t even care about his own supporters. ”


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