Coronavirus – USA: How many unvaccinated do not rule out a change of mind

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The light of publicity sees a new American scientific research, according to which half unvaccinated against coronavirus people on USA reported that nothing is going to change their minds so that they can proceed with their vaccination, according to a new American scientific research.

Researchers from the United States and Spain, led by Jeffrey Lazarus of the Barcelona Institute of World Health, published in the journal Scientific Reports, analyzed samples from about 6,037 adult Americans, one in five of whom (21.4%) was reluctant to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Coronavirus – USA: What could convince the unvaccinated

Of those hesitant or reluctant, half said they would not be persuaded to get vaccinated. The majority cited her as the main reason for refusing concern for the safety of vaccines. 13% said that advice from a family member or close friend could probably convince them, while 9% said that a positive opinion from their family doctor could have a positive effect on them.

Vaccination: Which people appear more reluctant

Vaccination reluctance is higher in those who have conservative political views, lower family income, work outside the home and have not been infected with coronavirus before. Although 82% agreed that Covid-19 is a dangerous health hazard, 18% do not believe that the risks of the disease are greater than those of vaccines. 15% do not believe that the vaccine can actually prevent Covid-19 infection.

From the other side, more than 50% of respondents agree with the imposition of compulsory vaccinations by the government. Today, about 20% of adults in the United States remain completely unvaccinated, so – based on research findings – the “hard” core of negatives is about half of them, ie a 10%.

Here you will see the relevant scientific publication.

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