Coronavirus: Which country has the most cases and deaths, in what position is Greece

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Coronavirus deaths exceeded 4.51 million worldwide and confirmed cases 217.2 million (the total, including the undiagnosed, will be much higher) according to the database.

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The Western Hemisphere, although it has only 18% of the Earth’s population of approximately 7.9 billion, has 47% of deaths and 39% of Covid-19 cases.

In the last week, however, both deaths and Covid-19 infections worldwide have fallen by 3% to 4%.

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The US remains at the top of the world rankings in both deaths (654,689) and cases (39,665,515). The approximately 7,000 deaths in the country in the last week were the most in the world.

Deaths in Europe have now reached 1.17 million and cases 55.1 million respectively. In European Union the country with most cases are France (6.74 million) and with them more deaths from coronavirus Italy (129.093).

Coronavirus: The position of Greece

Greece ranks 81st in the world in terms of cases by population (56,090 per million inhabitants), in 48th in absolute number of confirmed cases (581,315), in 42nd in absolute number of deaths from coronavirus (13,581) and in 43rd in proportion of deaths in relation to the population (1,310 per million inhabitants).

It is also ranked 38th in absolute number of tests (approximately 15.36 million) and 36th in the tests it has done in proportion to its population (approximately 1.48 million tests per million population).

Coronavirus: Vaccination rates

Vaccination doses worldwide rose by 270 million last week to about 5.2 billion. Europe leads with 98 doses per 100 people, followed by North America with 93, South America with 82, Asia with 74, Oceania with 53 and lastly Africa with only 7.2 doses per 100 inhabitants. the APE-BPE, citing the New York Times.

The European Union has vaccinated at least one dose in 64.5% of its population (Spain 78%, France almost 70%, Germany almost 65%), compared to about 72% in Britain and 30% in Russia. The US has given at least one dose to 61.4% of its population, compared to 63.2% in Brazil and 34.8% in India (the country has fully vaccinated 10.2% of its population).

China does not release data on a single dose, but has fully vaccinated 63.5% of its population of about 1.5 billion people with two doses. The country has administered more than two billion doses of coronavirus vaccines, more than any other country (compared to about 623 million doses in India and 367 million in the United States), according to the Johns Hopkins University database.

Israel has vaccinated two-thirds (66%) of its population with at least one dose, yet it has one of the highest incidence rates in proportion to its population. Also, according to the country’s Ministry of Health, 4,811 Israelis – mostly young – have been re-infected with the coronavirus, almost all of them from the Delta variant.

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