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Correction without turnover on the Stock Exchange

The Athens Stock Exchange is trying to keep under control the pressures received from the majority of its securities, which after its failure to penetrate the “ceiling” of 910 units, folds in the familiar territories of 900 units, but without raising its trading activity.

In particular, the General Index records losses of 0.76% at 901.61 points, while the turnover is at 22 million euros and the volume at 6.6 million units. The FTSE 25 is down 0.88% at 2,181.12 points, while the banking index is down 1.29% at 592.54 points.

Correction without turnover on the Stock Exchange

Although the market has several good reasons to leave behind the zone of 900 – 910 units, it is unable to exceed for higher levels. And as the certified analyst, Petros Steriotis, notes, the over-coverage of the book of offers for the PPC capital increase loosens another “heavy bond” from those that overshadowed the ATHEX in recent weeks.

According to him, however, at a time when the upward momentum in foreign stock markets remains unchanged, the DG continues to lag behind. The accumulation of 850-930 units is not only tired but estimates that a possible split of this price fence will be the spark that will arouse interest in fresh money to be placed in view of the annual closing. However, it draws investors’ attention to “price splits” that are often accompanied by capital losses on those who have stuck to previously consolidated price levels.

Citigroup αν is back…

Again, the analyzes for the course of the Greek economy and the listed ones are not missing. In its report, Citigroup also presented its updated estimates for the valuations of international markets. As far as Greece is concerned, the American bank has once again improved its forecasts, with the estimated increase in the profitability of Greek listed companies being placed even higher, while until recently, in fact, it estimated that it would be negative.

More specifically, it now sees earnings per share expected to increase by 1.5% this year (including banks), up from just 0.5% expected a few weeks ago and down 0.5% year-on-year on at the beginning of the month, while in 2022 it estimates that they will increase by 25%, which will be the highest increase in Europe, but also in relation to the average in emerging markets, developed markets and the USA.

On the dashboard

On the board now, Piraeus is losing 2.11%, with IPTO, Ethniki, Mytilineo, Jumbo, Coca Cola, Hellenic Petroleum, Alpha Bank, EYDAP and Ellactor recording a drop of more than 1%.

HELEX, Eurobank, PPA, OPAP, Terna Energy, Biochalko, Lambda and OTE are moving slightly downwards, while on the opposite side, Titan, Sarantis and Aegean are moving slightly upwards. ELHA is at + 1.41% and PPC at + 1.58%.


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