Corriere della Sera: In Milan many passengers can not leave for Greece due to QRcode

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There are many passengers who are at the airport Milan and they can not board the planes bound for Greece, because they did not ask for the electronic Qrcode code in time, reports the newspaper Corriere della Sera.

In an article published on Monday (19/7) the Italian newspaper points out that there are many tourists who were left out of the aircraft for the last twenty-four hours, due to the fact that they forgot to fill in and send the Plf (Passenger Location Form).

“Like the experienced skipper Walter Perry, who normally had to set sail with his friends from Kos this afternoon. He will wait another twenty-four hours and he will buy a new ticket, to arrive in Athens tomorrow morning, together with his wife “, he notes.

«They forgot to ask for Qrcode in time and Eleonora with Andreas. “They took three trains to reach Milan and saw their vacation suddenly become apparent only when they asked for the necessary electronic code for boarding at their check-in,” the newspaper reports, as reported by the Athens News Agency.

Clemens, who arrived in Milan from Paris, wanted to visit Santorini with a friend. “We completed the Plf with an hour delay. “Now, unfortunately, we will stay at Milan airport, without the sea,” he told Corriere.

The Italian media reminds them again passengers that, in order to ensure as safe and quiet a holiday as possible, they must make a small “bureaucratic sacrifice” before leaving, which is required by the reality we live in, in a time of pandemic.

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