Corriere della Sera poll: Center-right and ‘Brothers of Italy’ the absolute favorites of the elections

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The center-right of the Lega and Forza Italia together with the far-right of the Brothers of Italy remain the great “favorite” of the September 25 parliamentary elections, according to pollsters’ estimates and predictions published today by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

In more detail, the Milanese newspaper writes that, with today’s data, the lead of the center-right seems unable to be covered by the rival front of the center-left. At the same time, however, the conservative faction does not seem to be able to secure two-thirds of the seats in parliament, which would allow it to change, with complete freedom of movement, the country’s Constitution.

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According to the polling company Swg, as a whole the conservative alliance secures 45% of the voting intention, while the center-left does not exceed 30%. At the same time, Swg predicts that Italy’s center-right and the Adelphi may prevail in even 90% of the monohedral regions.

At the same time, the same company estimates that in the September elections, abstention may also favor the center-right, because at this stage its voters seem more united and determined to go vote.

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Finally, the political studies institute “Kataneo” predicts that the conservative faction is very likely to secure an absolute majority in parliament, but not the two-thirds of the seats that would be necessary to revise the Constitution, because in order to achieve this it would have to prevail in all the unicameral regions, which means the center-left would have to lose in all its traditional strongholds, such as Tuscany and the greater Bologna area.

Source: RES-MPE

Source: Capital

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