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Corsair introduced a gaming OLED monitor that can be bent by hand

Today, August 25, Corsair officially announced its new gaming monitor called Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240, which is completely different from any other product in this market segment. The company’s employees said that they developed the project together with LG Display engineers – without them, it would probably be simply unrealistic to create something like this. The main feature of this monitor is that the Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240 can be bent manually – the gamer just needs to reach out to the monitor, grab the edges and bend the display as he needs. It sounds like it’s a concept or a sci-fi book monitor, but it’s actually a fully-fledged commercial product.

In its default state, this monitor comes with a 45-inch flat panel display, which is quite impressive even with a 21:9 aspect ratio. The resolution is 3440×1440 pixels, so this is quite a classic gaming monitor with a resolution of 2K, only in a really large diagonal. But if it seems to the gamer that the flat display is not entirely convenient for him, then he can change the curvature up to a radius of 800R. It’s worth clarifying right away that this is not a very large radius of curvature, since there are monitors with 1300R on the market, but the main difference is that everyone selects the parameter for themselves.

This is extremely convenient if the room is bright and you want to slightly close the display from direct sunlight. Although, this model has a peak brightness of 1000 km / m2, so there should be no problems with brightness in the room. The manufacturer also claims a contrast ratio of 1,350,000:1, which is slightly better than the standard contrast ratio on the market, and a gray-to-gray response time of 0.03ms. For gamers, the parameter is really useful, there is nothing similar on the market at the moment, but only a real e-sportsman will notice the difference between 1 ms and 0.03 ms. At the same time, the refresh rate is 240 Hz, there is support for NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync Premium technologies.

Of course, the manufacturer could not do without a unique design that immediately catches the eye. The monitor is mounted on a V-shaped stand, in which a special docking station is mounted – it will be possible to connect peripherals to it. But the manufacturer has not yet announced the price and the exact date of the start of sales – this will become known towards the end of the year, when the monitor should be released.

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