CosmoBase – cosmetics scanner 1.2.5

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CosmoBase – checking cosmetics by composition and barcode. INCI Cosmetic Ingredient Database. The application allows you to check cosmetics using a barcode and (or) a photo of the composition. CosmoBase will help you check your cosmetics for naturalness, safety, allergenicity, comedogenicity.

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The app checks cosmetics for questionable and potentially unwanted ingredients that can harm your skin and overall health.

  • Instant verification and decoding of the composition of cosmetics from the photo.
  • Description of each ingredient in the composition of cosmetics.
  • INCI Cosmetic Ingredient Directory.
  • Checking cosmetics by barcode.
  • Assessment of risk factors.
  • Checking the naturalness of cosmetic products.
  • A conscious choice of shampoos, balms, creams, toothpastes, soaps and other cosmetics.
  • Uploading screenshots with the composition of cosmetics from the gallery
  • Top 30 most checked cosmetics.

Source: Trash Box

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