Cost to hire in Brazil is high regardless of the exemption, says deputy

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In an interview with CNN this Friday (12), the federal deputy (PSD-SP), Marco Bertaiolli (PSD-SP), coordinator of the Parliamentary Entrepreneurship Front, stated that the cost of hiring in Brazil is very high, regardless of the exemption from the payroll. payment, which President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) plans to extend for another two years.

“Today a worker with a formal contract has an aggregate tax of 28.8% on his salary. It is an extremely high percentage for a country that urgently needs to generate jobs”, said Bertaiolli

“Exemption is not non-taxation. It is a change in the social security tax calculation basis.”

The suspension announced by the Chief Executive will apply to companies in 17 sectors. “This has to do with keeping jobs,” Bolsonaro said at an event at the Palácio do Planalto.

“This exemption never took place within President Bolsonaro’s government. He has never seen this cost, because it has been coming since 2011. Therefore, it is not new money that does not come in”, said Bertaiolli.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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