Could Jurassic Park really happen?

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Do not pretend that you have never thought of it. It could Jurassic Park to happen in real life? Since 1993 it seemed that maybe he could. The Newsweek he then wrote an article confirming his scientific veracity Jurassic Park, noting the fact that – during filming – two of his scientists Berkeley announced that they had cloned DNA bees 40 years old, after finding the insect preserved in the amber.

“This film depends on credibility,” he said Spielberg in the Newsweek. “The credibility of the hypothesis – that dinosaurs could come back to life through cloning – is what allowed the film to be made.”

But there were problems even then. To reproduce a dinosaur genome, billions of building blocks were needed. DNA, base pairs. But none of the ancient DNA which had been collected had no more than 250. In addition, there was another obstacle to its realization Jurassic Park: No one had ever found one DNA dinosaur.

But now, 28 years later, scientists estimate that they may have the first prehistoric genetic code in their hands. Experts analyzing a fossil believe that it may contain DNA dinosaur.

Now the research is in the process of extracting information from the fossil, which is part of a cartilage in the dinosaur thigh Καυδιπτέρυξ. Just as it happened in the successful film Jurassic Park with mosquitoes trapped in amber.

THE Καυδιπτέρυξ was a winged species the size of a peacock. The find was excellently preserved in volcanic ash, they said. This animal lived in Earth 125 million years ago, according to data available to scientists. They believe, however, that in appearance it should not be much different from one Βhelixiraptor, although in a smaller size.

The fossil was discovered a few months ago in Northern China from a team of her excavations Chinese Academy of Sciences. The excavators claimed that the find is unique. His cells Καυδιπτέρυξ, claim that they were mineralized and concluded that some of them may contain valuable information and not be altered.

In fact, scientists have compared what they consider to be dinosaur genetic information with DNA from a chicken and found similarities in terms of helices and proteins.

“Of course we are interested in researching it more because in the mineralized cells it will be found most DNA, if and when it has been preserved. The first elements are encouraging and we may finally be able to reconstruct a sequence DNA. “I may be wrong, but I may be right,” she said Professor Alinda Beϊlul.

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