Council recommends that the INSS set a limit on payroll-deductible interest

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The Official Gazette of the Union publishes, this Wednesday (8), Resolution No. 1,345, which recommends the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) to set the monthly interest ceiling. For payroll loan operations for social security benefits, the rate would be 2.14%; for operations carried out by credit card, by 3.06%.

The document also indicates to use as a reference, to readjust the ceiling of payroll loan operations for social security benefit, the real annualized interest in relation to the National Consumer Price Index (INPC), of 16.10%.

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The resolution also institutes, within the scope of the National Social Security Council, a Working Group for the creation of a Permanent Financial and Social Security Citizenship Program, to be financed with resources from financial institutions that operate with payroll-deductible loans, as well as to discuss initiatives aimed at expanding transparency, competition and cost reduction of payroll-deductible loans.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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