Coup at USP: Civil Police seize rental car, electronic items and student cards

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This Tuesday (24), the Civil Police carried out a search and seizure warrant at the home of student Alicia Muller, indicted for embezzlement following the disappearance of R$927,000 from the graduation commission for the 106th class of the USP Faculty of Medicine.

A rented car, a tablet estimated at R$6,000, a notebook, 3 different bank cards, two cell phones, one rented, and notes were seized. Among the documents are listings of lottery numbers and a diary with personal entries.

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According to the Civil Police, Alicia may have lied in her testimony. During last Thursday’s hearing (19), the student said that she started to spend the commission money on personal items after losing part of the amount in investments and betting.

However, the car was rented in March 2022, according to the investigation, with money from the commission.

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According to the amounts found in Alicia’s accounts, which add up to R$ 3,200, Alicia would not be able to afford the rent. According to the Civil Police, the flat where the young woman lives will be delivered in February. The car will be returned to the rental company.

Source: CNN Brasil

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