Coup d’etat in Sudan: World Bank suspends aid disbursements

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The effects of the military coup on Sudan, which overthrew the African country’s transitional government, are gradually becoming apparent. THE The World Bank suspended aid.

“I am very concerned about the recent events in Sudan and I am afraid of the dramatic impact they may have on the social and economic recovery and development of the country,” she said. World Bank, the American David Malpas. The government of USA has already announced that it has suspended $ 700 million in financial assistance to Sudan and is considering imposing sanctions.

For its part, the International Monetary Fund made it known that it closely monitors developments in Sudan. However, a representative of IMF said it would be “premature” to comment on the “effects” of the military coup on relations Sudan with its financial institution Washington.

The two institutions, however, suspended their cooperation with Myanmar after the military coup of 1 February and with the Afghanistan after their seizure of power Taliban on the 15th of August.

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