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Court orders preventive detention of police officer who killed wife in SP

The Court of São Paulo decreed, in a custody hearing held this Monday (4), the preventive detention of military police officer Thiago Cesar de Lima, aged 36, for the feminicide of his wife. The crime occurred in the early hours of Sunday (3), in the north of São Paulo.

The victim, Érika Satelis Ferreira de Lima, aged 33, was shot dead by the soldier. The couple were in a car when an argument began. During the fight, the police attacked and shot the woman.

Érika was taken to Taipas General Hospital, but she did not survive her injuries. The murder weapon, a .40 caliber pistol, was seized. The case was registered as feminicide by the 4th Police Station for the Defense of Women (DDM) North.

The Military Police Internal Affairs Unit was called to investigate the incident. Soldier Thiago Cesar de Lima, belonging to the 49th BPM/M (North zone), was off duty and wearing civilian clothes at the time of the crime. He was taken to the Romão Gomes Military Prison.

The circumstances that led to the feminicide are still being investigated.

The case

Images from security cameras captured the moment when military police officer Thiago Cezar de Lima punches his wife, Erika Satelis Ferreira de Lima, five times in the face and then shoots her after an argument outside a car, in Perus, in the north of São Paulo.

He told the police that he was with his wife in a car when they started arguing and then fired shots.

In the images, you can see the moment Erika opens the driver’s door, gets out and goes to the rear door on the opposite side. In the back seat is soldier Thiago, who was off duty.

The woman starts trying to force him out of the car, but she can’t. Seconds later, he gets out of the car and starts attacking her. The police officer punches Erika in the face a series of times and fires at least two shots at her. The woman staggers and falls to the ground.

The soldier gets into the car and turns the vehicle around, but stops again and begins trying to drag the victim to the vehicle. At this moment, residents leave their homes and follow the action.

According to the Police, the PM himself took the victim to the hospital, where his death was confirmed and he was arrested.

*Under the supervision of Carolina Figueiredo

Source: CNN Brasil

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