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Court recognizes motherhood of woman raised as sister of twin children

A woman raised as the sister of her twin children was recognized as their biological mother by the Santa Catarina Court after 55 years. The decision of the 3rd Family Court of Joinville annulled the civil registration and confirmed the motherhood.

“Now, yes, the name of the biological mother appears on the children’s documents as it would have been, even if the father was not known, with the possibility of creating a bond that had never been established between them”, informed the Court of Justice. The process runs in secret.

The woman, now in her septuagenarian, gave birth in 1968, when she was still a teenager, but was prevented by her religious parents from assuming motherhood. Grandparents registered their grandchildren as children to “save the family’s honor.” They were against their daughter’s relationship.

The woman’s boyfriend was already in another relationship when the twins were born and the grandparents claimed that it would be a “humiliation” if their father was unknown and absent from the documents.

Recognition of membership does not prescribe and registration fraud is a crime. The adoption process must follow legal requirements and is subject to judicial control to guarantee the child’s interests.

The grandparents have already passed away. The judge in the case considered that the mother could not be penalized for the parents’ actions. The ruling states that children have the right to “become truly aware of their history” and to have “access to their biological truth”.

“Therefore, considering the level of efficiency of the DNA test and the other evidence contained in the file, the request must be accepted. I declare that the twins are the biological children of the applicant, therefore I order the rectification of the birth records with the name of the mother and for the names of the registered parents to be suppressed”, says the sentence.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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