Court upholds arrest of daughter accused of coupting millionaire mother

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The Justice of Rio de Janeiro maintained, this Friday (12), the temporary arrest of Sabine Coll Boghici, accused of applying a millionaire coup, of more than R$ 720 million, to her own mother, 82 years old, widow of the collector of Jean Boghici art.

In the decision, Judge Ariadne Villela Lopes, from the Central de Custódia de Benfica, wrote “that the arrest is valid and there is no news in the case file about a change in the decision that determined the issuance of the warrant, and the judgment of the Hearing Center is prohibited from reassessing the merits of the decision that decreed the arrest”.

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The other three prisoners are from the same family, Rosa Stanesco Nicolau and Jacqueline Stanesco Gouveia – who presented themselves as psychics – and Rosa’s son, Gabriel Nicolau Traslavina Hafliger, also underwent separate custody hearings this Friday and also had their arrests. maintained.

During the hearing, Rosa Stanesco’s defense said it is gathering documentation to claim the revocation of the temporary detention.

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Jacqueline’s defense requested the revocation of the arrest, claiming that nothing illegal was found with the custodian and that her link with the other prisoners in the operation was also not proven. The request was rejected by Judge Mariana Tavares Shu, who was in charge of the hearing.


Civil police officers from the Special Police Station for Assistance to the Elderly (Deapti) in Rio de Janeiro launched, on Wednesday (10), Operation Sol Poente to dismantle a gang accused of stealing more than R$ 720 million from an elderly woman 82 years, between works of art by renowned artists, jewelry and bank transfers.

Investigations indicated that the coup articulated by the victim’s daughter began to be applied in January 2020, when the elderly woman, widow of an art collector and dealer, was leaving a bank branch in Copacabana, in the South Zone of the city.

According to the Civil Police, the lady was approached by a woman who introduced herself as a clairvoyant and said that her daughter would be sick with the expectation of death soon.

Source: CNN Brasil

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