Cous Cous: where to eat it in San Vito, Trapani and surroundings

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It was born, in 1996, as a challenge within the Mediterranean, a game between chefs. Now the Cous Cous Fest it is an international event, first of all an opportunity to raise an ancient food to a symbol of brotherhood and integration between peoples.

Until September 26th, as always, San Vito Lo Capo is the background, a beautiful town in the province of Trapani that embodies the spirit of sharing of an ancient ritual capable of uniting the two shores of the Mare Nostrum and beyond. A dish of North African culture, couscous has its roots in the tradition of the Berbers, who needed to rely on long-life products, easy to transport and simple to cook.

A versatile food, which can be combined with vegetables, legumes, meats, fish, creating dishes with different flavors, starting from a base of small semolina grains, which during the festival is celebrated in several ways.

That 2021 will be a different edition from the others, obviously due to the pandemic: no concerts and shows. But thinking that in 2020 it was just blown, one can only be happy. There will be challenges between Italian and international chefs (on the stage of the Bia Theater and live) and the cooking shows at the Giardino del Santuario. Then the tastings, meetings, workshops and all the activities designed to pay homage to cous cous will return. All for a gastronomic event born in ’98 that will also give space to professionals from Argentina to Romania, ready to challenge each other with semolina. To host the championships, the garden of the Sanctuary of San Vito Martire, where it will also be possible to taste different variations of cous cous, to be consumed comfortably seated. For a take-away, on the other hand, there is the Casa del cous cous on the beach, where you can choose your favorite dish to savor while walking along the promenade, often with a wonderful sun.

But the event is also a useful moment to discover the beautiful Sicilian town, venturing among the restaurants that have chosen to join the project with special menus based on cous cous and fixed prices. The perfect opportunity to take a tour of this portion of the island. Here is our selection, also thinking (and above all) of the pleasure of enjoying couscous at any time of the year.

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