Covid-19: from Great Britain to Ukraine, here’s where the virus is scariest

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The numbers are evidently higher than the rest of Western Europe. They have been for days now. In UK there are levels of Covid-19 infections higher even than last year when part of the country was in lockdown. On Monday 18 October there were more than 49,000 new cases in Great Britain against 1,600 Italians, just over a thousand French and 4,000 Germans. On Tuesday 19 the number dropped to 43,738 cases, but with a record number of deaths: 223.

Thanks to vaccination there is no problem of hospital saturation. For most of the cases, hospitalization is not needed, but the circulation of the virus can lead to infecting more vulnerable people, therefore to a new massive occupation of hospitals and the possible development of new variants.

The British government, however, does not change the rules for now and does not tighten the restrictions. There is no requirement in the UK to use masks indoors and a Green pass is not required for many events. There has never even been an obligation to wear a mask outdoors in the UK. Even if a direct correlation cannot be made, the major infections could be children of the absence of masks, as well as of the lack of obligation of social distancing, removed here before than elsewhere. Added to this is a vaccination campaign that started among the first, but then slowed down and does not have high numbers in the 12 to 17 year range.

In one week, new Covid cases increased by 44%. The highest level has been reached since the end of July with over 25,000 cases. According to government data, 83% of the adult population had a complete vaccination.

The countries of Eastern Europe are also in difficulty. In Ukraine, there were more than 538 deaths in 24 hours this week. In Poland there was an 85% increase in infections compared to the previous week. Bulgaria has nearly 5,000 new infections in a single day. Here only 24% of the population is fully vaccinated. Even in the Czech Republic there are numbers that have not been touched since last spring. Almost 19 thousand cases in a single day in Romania, penultimate for vaccinated in Europe, this week with more than 500 deaths, numbers never reached. Lockdown is back in Latvia. From Thursday 21 October to 15 November many shops are closed and gatherings are prohibited. The curfew is also back from 8 to 5 in the morning. Here, too, only half of the population is vaccinated.

Moscow recorded 1015 deaths in a single day. A record that led to the ban on going out for the over 60 and the frail and smart working for at least 30% of unvaccinated company employees. More than 20% of the cases in the country are in the capital.


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