Covid 19 wards of the hospital of Contonio in northern Italy closed – Discharge for the last patient

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The covid 19 wards of the hospital of Contonio, in northern Italy, where the first Italian patient with coronavirus.

“It simply came to our notice then. “Today our last patient was discharged”, wrote on the internet Francesco Toursi, head of his pulmonology clinic Canton Hospital.

Addressing the patients who were able to win the battle with the virus, Toursi added:

“You shared with us this very difficult period of your life. I hope we were worthy of your expectations. I can only tell you that we, the wards and the ICU covid 19, here in Kontonio, did our best. Thank you for so much affection that you showed us, moved us and filled us with satisfaction. But nothing moves as much as the look – even of a single patient – whom we managed to help heal. Nothing moves you as long as you can see, and in his eyes, life flows again “.

The first coronavirus patient to be admitted, on 21 February 2020 in Canton, was a thirty-eight-year-old marathon runner from Lodi, who was also diagnosed with severe pneumonia.

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