Covid-19’s situation in Europe is very worrying, says Oxford infectologist

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Several countries in Europe, such as Austria, Ireland, Netherlands and Denmark, have again tightened up measures to combat Covid-19 after an increase in the number of cases of the disease, which turned on the warning signal for authorities.

In an interview with CNN Radio, infectologist and researcher at the University of Oxford, Ana Luíza Gibertoni, reinforced that the situation is “very worrying.”

“The increase in cases is probably associated with younger people, and also linked to transmission in schools due to few mitigation measures. In addition, the premature relaxation of non-pharmacological measures and reliance only on vaccination”, he explained.

According to the infectologist, vaccination cannot be the only strategy to combat the coronavirus, as it does not prevent transmission. She argued that non-pharmacological measures are necessary, even in countries with high vaccination coverage: “Only vaccinated in closed places and crowding, for example, use of masks, emphasis on ventilation, you can’t relax,” she added.

“To reach a situation of ‘herd immunity’ in which the majority of the population is protected and even the unvaccinated ones, a high rate of vaccination is needed, including children and adolescents”, he said.

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Reference: CNN Brasil

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