Covid: Barely Back in the White House, Trump is already Removing his Mask

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After three days at Walter Reed Hospital, the US president left the scene by helicopter to the cheers of his supporters. He called on Americans not to be afraid of the virus. “Go tell that to the 205,000 families who have lost someone,” reacted his presidential rival, Joe Biden.

A Hollywood comeback . The Marine One helicopter with Donald Trump on board took off Monday evening to the cheers of supporters of the US president, who had assembled outside the Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda. A video posted on the billionaire’s Twitter account then shows him arriving at the White House aboard the military device to epic music.

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In a skillfully orchestrated staging, the President of the United States then crossed the lawn, greeting the cameras that were waiting for him before climbing the steps to the balcony of his residence. There, still looking tense, he adjusted his jacket, removed his mask and threw his thumbs up. A gesture of defiance for a leader who for months displayed his disdain for those who cover their faces to protect themselves from Covid-19.

‘Get out, be careful,’ Trump urges

Sign of the importance that Donald Trump wanted to give to this moment, while the electoral campaign was upset by his illness and that he is lagging behind in the polls, his Twitter account published two videos. In the second, he declares to have “learned a lot about the coronavirus”.

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“There is one thing I can tell you: don’t let (the Covid) rule you, don’t be afraid. We have the best equipment, the best drugs, all recently developed. They are all in the process of being approved and the vaccines are going to be coming anytime soon. We are the largest country in the world, ”assured the Republican, visibly out of breath.

“Get out, be careful”, all the same urged the one who is accused of having minimized the pandemic and whose management is criticized from all sides. “We will go back to work,” he said. “As a leader I had to do it, I knew there was a danger, but I had to do it. I was on the front line, ”he said. Adding: “Now I’m better, I might even be immune, I don’t know. “

“Listen to the scientists,” Biden retorts

Statements that did not fail to react to Joe Biden, his presidential rival in the Democratic camp – who maintained or even increased his lead in voting intentions after last week’s electric debate between the two men.

“‘Don’t let the Covid control your lives’ … Go tell that to the 205,000 families who have lost someone,” said the angry former US vice president from Florida, one of the key states of this election. “Now that he has time to tweet campaign messages, I’m going to ask him this: listen to the scientists, support the wearing of the mask,” he had said previously.

Donald Trump is not yet “completely out of the woods”, according to his doctors, and will therefore be confined to the White House, which looks more and more like a virulent outbreak of the coronavirus. After the president, his wife Melania, his close advisor Hope Hicks and several other members of his team, it is Kayleigh McEnany, the spokesperson for Donald Trump, who announced on Monday that he had tested positive for Covid-19.

This announcement, after three days of cacophonous communication on the state of health of the president of the world’s leading power, further strengthens the image of an executive who has decidedly not taken the full measure of the epidemic.

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