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Covid: Europe towards compulsory vaccination?

Covid: Europe towards compulsory vaccination?

“Until two or three years ago I would never have thought that but it is time to discuss the obligation to vaccinate.” The president of the EU Commission Ursula Von der Leyen he expressed a thought that is not his only. It belongs to many governments of the countries of the European Union. If coverage is not achieved that can keep the circulation of the virus under control with current campaigns, it could lead to the obligation.

It is a situation made worse by the arrival of new variants, all of them Omicron. “It takes two or three weeks to find out more and in a pandemic it’s an eternity. Because of this the recommendation is to get vaccinated. Let’s hope for the best, but let’s prepare for the worstSaid Ursula Von der Leyen. We need testing, tracking, social distancing and masks without differences between states, but throughout the European region.

“Two years ago I never thought I’d see what we see now, we have an ongoing pandemic, we have vaccines that save lives and are not used. If we look at the figures, a third of the European population is not vaccinated, 150 million people are a lot. Not everyone can be vaccinated, like very young children, but the majority can ». It is an observation that has consequences. If not the immediate vaccination obligation, certainly the use and control of the Green Pass which “must be constantly adapted to the situation of the pandemic” with the recall, the third dose. Doses of the Pfizer vaccine for children will be available in the Union from 13 December.

Europe’s hope is health coordination that seems increasingly uphill. Each country is also taking different measures for intra-EU travel. If then Ursula Von der Leyen thinks of mandatory vaccine, there are those who have already done so.

In Austria arrives in February 2022 and a law is being studied which provides for fines of up to 7,200 euros for those aged 14 and over who refuse the vaccine after two official reminders. There Greece he established it for the over 60s starting from January 16, 2022 with a fine of 100 euros per month until he gets the vaccine. The funds will go to hospitals. Prime Minister Mitsotakis does not speak of punishment, but of health tax.

The next German Chancellor Olaf Scholz he would have said he was in favor of introducing compulsory vaccination and banning access for non-vaccinated people to all non-essential businesses. Belgium is also thinking about the obligation from 2022.

In France the vaccination obligation exists for categories such as health personnel, firefighters and the army. In Italy arrives from 15 December for school staff and those of defense, security and public rescue and those who work in the rsa. The government has no intention of generalizing the vaccination obligation, but is focusing on the Super Green Pass which comes into force on Monday 6 December and is valid for those recovered and vaccinated, not for those who obtain certification with a tampon.

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