Covid, former senator Bartolomeo Pepe has died, convinced no-vax

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He died at the Cotugno hospital in Naples: Bartolomeo Pepe, former senator of the 5 Star Movement, was 59 years old and lost the battle against Covid. He had been hospitalized in intensive care for bilateral interstitial pneumonia derived from Sars-CoV-2: the doctors, to whom he had declared not having vaccinated “by choice”, they had sedated and intubated him, trying to save him, but his condition plummeted.

He had been elected to the Senate in 2013, but had not been confirmed five years later: he had remained engaged in politics, but he devoted himself mainly to the pub, “Mr. Pepper ”, which he had opened with his children a Casalnuovo, on the outskirts of Naples, the Municipality of which he was originally from.

Convinced no-vax (the movement’s logo appears as an image on his Facebook profile), on March 8, when the lockdown was decided, he shared a long post on his social networks that he called the coronavirus a “ridiculous hysteria, fomented to art “. And that brought into play the «strong powers: Bigpharna, through Bill Gates, Gavi and other corporations that fund 3/4 of the WHO; other economic corporations such as those of 5G or glyphosate and GMOs, which pass their filth in silence, aided by governments, which impose unprecedented restrictions on freedom and create the conviction of a Europe to defend, tomorrow from Russia as today from China of the virus; the Services of the Western world who try Assange in general silence and in the impossibility of demonstrating in Europe; the media that transformed the Coronavirus flu into the plague “.

His battle against vaccines (all) started six years ago. In 2016 he organized in the Senate (and was then forced to cancel) the European premiere of Andrew Wakefield’s controversial documentary, “Vaxxed – from cover up to catastrophe,” which argues for the link between vaccines and autism.

But Senator Sergio Vaccaro, in commemoration to the Senate, wanted to underline other aspects of his political commitment: “Bartolomeo Pepe was a convinced environmentalist, always engaged in ecological battles against the Terra dei Fuochi and against the spill of toxic waste in the Neapolitan hinterland. Over the years it has organized various events to protect the environment. Among the many battles also the request for the establishment of a cancer registry for the land of fires ».

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